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The Most Comprehensive Freezer Meal Cookbook Available

Freezer dinners for the nights you don't feel like cooking

Imagine what it would be like if…

You did not have to cook every night of the week and still were able to keep your family fed

You were able to save money on groceries and take out by preparing meals ahead of time

You were able to have a meal around the table with your family even on their busiest nights

You were able to spend more times doing activities you love and less time cooking

With Deliciously Fresh Freezer Meals can you can save money, time, and eat exceptionally tasty meals!


Separate out meals into smaller portions if you are only feeding 1 or 2 people #1

Spend more meals together around the table with your family even on your busiest nights #2

Spend time at home doing things you actually want to do #3

Save money grovery shopping by planning your meals #4

Save money by not getting take out for nights you don't want to cook #5

EVERYTHING INCLUDED IN YOUR Deliciously Fresh Freezer Meal cookbook!


These most of these recipe do feed 4-6 people, but there are instructions on how you can portion the meals into smaller containers to make it last longer. 

-These dinner recipes are made with instructions to either eat now, or to freezer and eat later.

-They have a variety of meats: chicken, beef, and pork.

-There are some vegetarian recipes

Since these are meat heavy recipes, most of these recipes will work for people who are gluten free. There is a special grain free muffin recipe at the end of the cookbook!

There are 31 recipes with pictures in this cookbook. 

No, this cookbook is strictly main dishes. Maybe in the future we will have a dessert cookbook!

Freezer meals work best in aluminum pans vs glass. I also describe in the cookbook what to do if you only have 1 aluminum pan!

Customer Reviews

"If you are looking for easy to follow homey recipes that everyone will love try Tyanne’s recipes. She has included over 30 recipes with tips for best results and saving time and money when feeding the family. The bacon wrapped meatloaves are one of my favorites to try soon!'"- Adriana
"Tyanne is an excellent writer, and I loved the concept of the cookbook! I’m a busy gal, so having ready-to-go freezer meals has been incredibly helpful, especially the breakfast ones. I’m not a morning person at all, so it gives me a few extra minutes to sleep in :)"
- Hailey



What would be possible if...

You had a hot meal waiting for you when you came home every night and did not have to cook every day of the week

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