Easy Eggnog Milkshake (Tastes like Christmas)

Satisfy your cravings for a creamy touch of decadence in a cup, without all the sugar and added ingredients. In only 2 ingredients, you can whip up this year’s best holiday dessert drink at home!⁣ All you need is simple ingredients – ice cream and eggnog – to whip up this tasty, creamy concoction to a treat in the form of a creamy eggnog milkshake.

Who says you can’t have a festive drink when you’re living gluten-free? Check out this eggnog Christmas shake recipe that’s bursting with holiday cheer. Just make sure the ice cream you are using is gluten free.

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eggnog milkshake

What eggnog milkshake goes good with:

How to make eggnog milkshake is pretty simple, so it can be paired with any snack, dinner, or meal because it won’t take up much time at all. Christmas tree bread, crustless apple pie, eggnog cookies, peanut butter balls, etc are great starts!

Variations for an eggnog milkshake:

  • rum-eggnog milkshake with rum is an option for an adult drink. Just make sure if there are kids at your Christmas party that you make a kids version and an adult version
  • add banana-if you want to make your eggnog milkshake healthier you can add a banana for extra nutrients without changing the flavor too much. With a banana eggnog milkshake, you can hardly taste the banana.
  • peppermint-if you are into the minty flavor of Christmas as well as the pumpkin pie spices, try adding some peppermint oil to your shake!
  • eggnog ice cream-to make this milkshake taste even more like eggnog, you can make it with eggnog ice cream instead of vanilla ice cream. You will really be feeling the eggnog then!
  • vanilla-adding vanilla could be a great Christmas flavor addition!
  • more eggnog-if you want your shake a thinner texture, more eggnog will do the trick
  • milk-after adding all the ingredients together, if you want to cut calories and make the texture thinner, try adding some skim milk instead. This will leave you with the same great flavor, but less calories and thickness.

Can you make this christmas drink ahead of time?

You can make this milkshake ahead of time and put it in the fridge! It might change consistencies the longer it is in the fridge though. Be careful about that.

How to store eggnog milkshake:

Store your eggnog shake in the fridge if you want to drink some now and then some later. I do not recommend freezing your eggnog shake since it would basically turn to ice cream. Even letting it melt it would still be like melted ice cream.

eggnog milkshake

Eggnog Milkshake

Eggnog milkshake is the perfect drink for this holiday season. You can double or triple the recipe if needed.
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Prep Time 5 mins
Course Drinks
Cuisine American
Servings 1 person

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  • 1/2 cup eggnog
  • 4 scoops vanilla ice cream


  • In a personal sized blender cup, place ingredients. Blend for 1 minute until blended throughout.

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